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Mission, Vision
& Values

Our mission is to become a determined and flexible organization,
always ready to innovate and find solutions for our valued clients.

Mission Statement

It is our drive and dedication that make PA. No matter what the client’s requirement, our committed and hardworking team will find a solution. From the management down, a ‘satisfy at all costs’ ethos is inbred into the company, as we look to establish long-term relationships with all of our clients.

It is our vision to see PA become a respected and esteemed regional oil services company, recognized for unparalleled expertise, execution, and client service. We hope to establish ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner of the oil and gas industry in the Kurdistan Region, and hope to develop the types of expertise, through partnerships with international service companies, that we can export to the rest of the Middle East & North Africa.

In striving for our long term objectives, we will ensure never to compromise the well-being of communities we work in, and shall without exception, protect the environment in which they live, and do our best to ensure that the people within these communities are benefitting economically from our presence, through good local employment and procurement practices.

Through our core values of integrity & honesty, communication & responsiveness, responsibility & accountability and flexibility & understanding, we aim to deliver a quality, cost-effective and timely service, without fail, each and every time.

Our Values


Good service is based on understanding the needs of your client and providing a solution that matches those needs. It is therefore important to us at PA to maintain good communication with our clients in order to understand exactly what the client wants before we provide a solution.


Addressing our client’s requirements quickly and efficiently is extremely important to us. Whether it be a request for a proposal for catering services, a simple request for quotation for electrical tools, or an urgent maintenance call-out to a remote site, we make it our business to respond to our client’s requirements in the shortest time possible.


Integrity is our principal value. We will maintain the highest standards of honesty and ethics in everything we do – because it simply is the right thing to do and because our reputation is our fundamental scorecard.


We will strive to achieve the best possible results in everything we do – in business, team development, project implementation, health and safety, and corporate social responsibility.


We accept that we are accountable for the safety of our employees, clients and people in the communities where we operate. We will always be accountable to the needs and expectations of our clients.


We are always ready to cater towards our clients’ needs, even if it means providing a service that doesn’t fall under one of our existing service lines. This is what drives our growth and pushes us to expand our offered services. Our ability to allocate resources quickly and efficiently is key to our success.

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