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Our Business Model

Client Satisfaction at all costs

PA is an oilfield services company. We are a determined and flexible organisation, always ready to innovate and find solutions for our valued clients.

It is our drive and determination that make PA. We aim to attract and retain committed, hard-working professionals that maintain a delivery-focused culture in the team. No matter what the client’s requirement, our team will find a solution.

From the management down, a ‘satisfy at all costs’ ethos is inbred into the company, as we look to establish long-term relationships with existing clients. Bearing in mind the long-term nature of the oil and gas business, we believe this is particularly important from the outset.

Since our first contract providing camp construction services, we have managed to add catering, maintenance and housekeeping services for remote camp sites and in-city locations, as well as general procurement services to locations throughout the region.

PA has focused on developing and adding new business lines that are complimentary to existing ones, allowing for the execution of turnkey camp construction and management projects over the extended lifecycle of the camp. Although PA remains willing to offer each service separately, we remain focused on offering our clients an integrated package of services, ultimately reducing their costs and increasing service efficiency.

Our Main Commercial Models

Fixed Service Fee

Where the cost of our services is reimbursed by the customer plus a margin at a fixed, pre-determined rate. The majority of our projects are remunerated on this basis.

Cost Plus

Where the cost of our services is charged to the client plus a pre-determined and agreed fixed percentage mark-up. Mainly used for procurement services.

Lump-sum Turnkey Projects

Where our services are provided on a lump-sum or fixed-price basis. Our camp construction project with Afren was contracted as a lump-sum turnkey project.

Why Our Customers Work With Us

We are flexible contractors and we take responsiveness and communication very seriously. These three areas are at the core of our work ethic:

Flexibility towards our clients’ needs – we are always ready to cater towards our client’s needs, even if it means providing a service that doesn’t fall under one of our existing service lines. This is what drives our growth and pushes us to expand our offered services. Our ability to allocate resources quickly and efficiently is key to our success.

Responsiveness to our clients’ issues – addressing our clients’ requirements quickly and efficiently is extremely important to us. Whether it be a request for a proposal for catering services, a simple request for quotation for electrical tools, or an urgent maintenance call-out to a remote site, we make it our business to respond to our clients’ requirements in the shortest time possible. Our ability to quickly allocate resources to cover the needs of our clients has proven a key factor in our success.

Communication – good service is based on understanding the needs of your client and providing a solution that matches those needs. It is therefore important to us at PA to maintain good communication with our clients in order to understand exactly what the client wants before we provide a solution. Good communication means always being available, either by telephone or email, and having staff that can understand the client linguistically and technically, in either English or Kurdish. Part of communicating well with the client also means good documentation. Proposals, invoicing and reporting are all important forms of communication that demonstrate to the client our grasp of their requirements and our ability to match those requirements. We make sure that all our documentation is clear and well structured and we also place a lot of emphasis on making sure that we adhere to our clients’ policies and procedures.