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Maintenance & Industrial Services

Heat Exchanger Services

Heat Exchanges Maintenance Re-tubing Service

Degraded heat exchanger performance from fouling or aging, results in extra operating and energy costs to compensate for gaps in the target temperature. Cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers is therefore important to keeping systems running efficiently. Regular maintenance ensures equipment is in working condition and helps prevent emergency repairs. The cost of cleaning a heat exchanger is small compared to the cost of lost production should a heat exchanger require an unscheduled shutdown.

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Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

High-pressure cleaning, vacuum cleaning, and/or chemical cleaning of all industrial equipment using a variety of processes adapted to the situation, including adequate pre job planning by our in-house team of specialists in conjunction with plant managers/production managers.

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Tank Cleaning

Ensuring storage tanks are always clean of debris and sludge is critical for the smooth on site operations of our clients. You can count on our highly-skilled personnel and equipment to clean your tanks safely and efficiently. Our services always ensure the highest level of confined space entry requirements to ensure any job is done safely.

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Environmental Services

Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

We understand the importance of effective water and wastewater treatment solutions for the oil and gas industry as well as other major projects (Housing developments, airports, Hospitals, etc.) PA Consulting is able to understand your requirements, offer adequate solutions, and implement the required infrastructure.

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Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites

An essential element to our environmental services is pit remediation. Our capabilities include the full cycle planning and execution of the various steps for site rehabilitation. Soil remediation is a complex process which requires careful planning and identification of the optimal procedure depending on the specific situation. Remediation can be done on-site or off-site and is adaptable to every type of contamination.

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Oil Sludge Treatment

As part of our environmental services, oil sludge treatment is an important element. Constantly ensuring that our service is in line with local regulations has allowed us to become a reliable service provider in this field.

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Procurement and Equipment Rental


PA has managed to establish an extremely effective procurement network across Kurdistan and the wider region, and is able to source goods and materials efficiently and at competitive prices. PA also maintains a warehouse of goods, for faster delivery times.

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Equipment Rental

As a leading local service provider company, PA understands the needs and standards of the IOCs and has a strong knowledge of the local business landscape. Our local knowledge enables PA to locate and negotiate local labour and equipment at the most competitive prices, whilst ensuring fair compensation for the local community.

Our Supply of Manpower covers Project Management Personnel, Site Supervisory, Engineers, QHSE, Specialised Technicians, Housekeeping & Laundry and General Labour.

Our Supply of light and Heavy Equipment covers areas including but not limited to: Earthwork, Lifting, Transportation, Power Supply, Water & Sewage and Recreational & Motor Vehicles.

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