As an oilfield services company, PA is a determined and flexible organization, always ready to innovate and find solutions for our valued clients. It is our drive and determination that make PA. No matter what the client’s requirement, our committed and hardworking team will find a solution. From the management down, a ‘satisfy at all costs’ ethos is inbred into the company, as we look to establish long-term relationships with existing clients.


As PA’s best performing service, we continue to excel in providing Remote-Camp Life Support and Maintenance Services, and through a number of completed and on-going contracts, consider ourselves to be one of the most competent local providers of such services in the Kurdistan Region.

Generally, market conditions in the Kurdistan Region have been robust and activity in the oil and gas sector has been plentiful, albeit with the political dispute between the Iraqi Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government still persisting. The growing number of active blocks in the Kurdistan Region has led to significant demand for PA’s remote-camp life support and maintenance services.


The growing number of active blocks in the Kurdistan Region led to a steady rise in the number of foreign companies, resulting in a growing demand for PA’s In-City Life Support and Maintenance Services. PA maintains a team of housekeepers and maintenance technicians in-city, and is able to provide an efficient and cost effective service to clients.

Within this business division, services include Housing & Office Maintenance, Housing & Office Catering, Housekeeping & Laundry, Pest Control, Vehicle Maintenance and IT Services.


PA has managed to establish an extremely effective procurement network across Kurdistan and the wider region, and is able to source goods and materials efficiently and at competitive prices. PA also maintains a warehouse of goods, for faster delivery times.

PA’s procurement network is aimed at IOC requirements, and the warehouse is stocked with goods that are commonly needed by all IOCs, such as Computers & Electrical Equipment, Health, Security, Safety & Environment Equipment, Fuel & Vehicles, Food & Groceries, Construction Machinery & Materials, Home & Office Furniture & Supplies, Cabins, Camp Utilities & Supplies and Maintenance Tools & Consumables.


Our first contract in the Kurdistan Region was to provide the supply, installation and construction of a remote-camp site. PA has focused on developing and adding new business lines that are complimentary to existing ones, allowing for the execution of turnkey camp construction and management projects over the extended lifecycle of the camp.

We supply, install and construct the camp, and also provide necessary management to ensure client requirements are met in the areas of cost/time management and QHSE assurance. Our services include Camp Construction, Project Management and QA/QC.

Recent News

Posted: October 13th, 2015
PetroAlliance is awarded Chevron Field Maintenance Services contract

At the conclusion of the evaluation and approval processes, PetroAlliance was selected as the nominated contractor for the tender, ‘General Field Maintenance Services & Small Construction Services’. This major project will be executed in Chevron’s Rovi and Sarta oil concessions in the Kurdistan Region.

Posted: October 2nd, 2015
PetroAlliance builds a mini-library at Baharka refugee camp in Kurdistan Region - Iraq

Working in partnership with local charity organization, HOBY Group Iraq, PetroAlliance continued its efforts to implement successful Corporate Social Responsibility programs by donating $6,000.00 to build a mini-library at the Baharka Refugee Camp in the Kurdistan Region – Iraq.

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