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Environmental Monitoring


Environmental monitoring is the process of measuring and observing environmental conditions to assess the impact of human activities and natural processes on the environment. It is a critical component of environmental management and decision-making, providing valuable information for regulating pollution, protecting ecosystems, maintaining good health and safety of workers and populations, and planning for sustainable development.

Our Experience

PA provides efficient environmental monitoring services allowing clients to collect valuable data with regards to a variety of elements and giving the tools they need to make informed decisions.

We have been offering environmental monitoring services since 2016 when we conducted soil sample collection and analysis for Chevron to assist in the development of one of their fields. Since then we have assisted other clients across the region.

Our Services

  • Soil Testing
  • Air Sampling
  • Water Testing
  • Noise levels

Other Environmental Services

Oil Sludge Treatment

Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites

Drill Cuttings Treatment

Recycling & General Waste Disposal Services

Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants

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