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Welding & Fabrication


Fabrication is a process that turns materials into valuable products used in many industries. The oil and gas industry requires reliability and quality in their equipment to perform under volatile conditions. Fabrication is crucial to the oil and gas industry, as it is used to construct vital components such as wellheads, refineries, pipe networks, process units, and structures. 

These are the different methods of fabricating metal, including cutting, forming, welding, and machining. Each has its own challenges and failure of a critical weld, however small, can have catastrophic impact on the safety and the environment, and ultimately the success of the project.

Our Experience

We take great pride in our exceptional welding and fabrication capabilities. Our team comprises skilled welders and fabricators who possess extensive training and experience across various welding and fabrication processes, standards, and materials. Whether it’s custom metal fabrication or welding repairs, you can rely on PA to deliver according to your exact specifications.

We excel in providing design, prototyping, and production services for essential equipment, ensuring outstanding quality and reliability. Working with a diverse range of metals tailored to the oil and gas industry, we handle projects of any scale, from intricate details to large-scale structures.

Our Services

  • Metal Stairs and Railings
  • Metal Fencing and Gates
  • Custom Metal Signage
  • Metal tower structures
  • Containers, boilers, storage tank structures
  • HDPE Components
  • Metal Crack Repair
  • Metal Rust Repair
  • Metal Hole Repair
  • Metal Joint Repair
  • Metal Surface Repair

Other Maintenance Services

Industrial Equipment Maintenance

General Field Maintenance

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