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Corporate Social

Commitment to our clients, and our communities

Degraded heat exchanger performance from fouling or ageing, results in extra operating and energy costs to compensate for gaps in the target temperature. Cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers is therefore important to keeping systems running efficiently. Regular maintenance ensures equipment is in working condition and helps prevent emergency repairs. The cost of cleaning a heat exchanger is small compared to the cost of lost production should a heat exchanger require an unscheduled shutdown.

PA has both the experience and know how to successfully offer heat exchanger services. We have developed procedures that enable us to efficiently and safely execute these services with regards to maintaining our equipment, ensuring adequate PPE is available and maintained, carrying out the work, and getting timely and accurate feedback to clients in the form of documented reporting.

Before you replace costly equipment, talk to one of our Specialists about our cost-effective retubing and rebuilding services. In most cases, on-site retubing can be done in just a few weeks. Following a thorough examination of your equipment, our engineers will provide a comprehensive report regarding the reasons for previous tube failures along with recommendations for corrective action.

Our Dedication to Training

Throughout 2014, PA successfully trained over 30 local staff from villages surrounding our various operations, educating them on corporate culture HSE, electrical and mechanical maintenance, and PA’s standard operating procedure. We view training as a valuable contribution to the community.

We place a lot of emphasis on promoting local content within the different levels of PA’s corporate structure. In 2014, we had a local electrician become a lead maintenance technician on one of our sites, replacing an Indian national. We also had a local trainee on our training programme become a full-fledged general maintenance technician at our main camp on the Barda Rash concession.

Our Commitment to Humanitarian Relief Efforts

During the summer of 2014, following the attack by ISIS on the Kurdistan Region and other parts of Northern Iraq, PA provided humanitarian aid in the form of life support buckets (blanket, mattress, toothpaste, shampoo, soap), food, beverages and clothing to some of the Internally Displaced People in Dohuk and Erbil.

Our Commitment to Local Charities

Working in partnership with local charity organization, HOBY Group Iraq, PetroAlliance continued its efforts to implement successful Corporate Social Responsibility programs by donating $6,000.00 to build a mini-library at the Baharka Refugee Camp in the Kurdistan Region – Iraq.

Furthermore, in May 2017, PetroAlliance was one of the main sponsors in The Fig Club’s production of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’. The Fig Club had 950 people in the audience and the show had 150 children on stage. As a sponsor, we are proud to have supported the Seed Foundation and 200 children in need that came to see that show that night, 20 of whom had the opportunity to dance in the show.

Our Commitment to Local Charities & Localisation

PA is committed to the local communities where it operates. As per our Local Development Policy, we hire, train, and invest in the local communities ensuring the flow of money ends in the surrounding areas of the Oil Block and in the hands of the local community when possible.

More Importantly, PA invests in development projects in the local community whether it is by supporting our clients CSR, infrastructure and environmental projects; or by directly investing such as the “Renovation of the Mandawa Village School”, a contribution that we are very proud of.

Akad Street  Ankawa  Erbil, Iraq

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