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Maintenance & Industrial Services

Heat Exchanger Services

Degraded heat exchanger performance from fouling or ageing, results in extra operating and energy costs to compensate for gaps in the target temperature. Cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers is therefore important to keeping systems running efficiently. Regular maintenance ensures equipment is in working condition and helps prevent emergency repairs. The cost of cleaning a heat exchanger is small compared to the cost of lost production should a heat exchanger require an unscheduled shutdown.

PA has both the experience and know how to successfully offer heat exchanger services. We have developed procedures that enable us to efficiently and safely execute these services with regards to maintaining our equipment, ensuring adequate PPE is available and maintained, carrying out the work, and getting timely and accurate feedback to clients in the form of documented reporting.

Before you replace costly equipment, talk to one of our Specialists about our cost-effective retubing and rebuilding services. In most cases, on-site retubing can be done in just a few weeks. Following a thorough examination of your equipment, our engineers will provide a comprehensive report regarding the reasons for previous tube failures along with recommendations for corrective action.

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